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Great Gifts for nature lovers.  Reduce stress and relaxation.

Why I Do It                       

When dealings with executives, physicians and patients on a daily basis, it is clear that stress and pain management is something that will benefit everyone. 

It is especially helpful to


     *people in high powered positions

     *patients that may not be mobile to enjoy the  

      healing power of nature.


When I experience the majesty of a waterfall,

the power of the crashing surf, or any other incredibly beautiful place in Mother Nature’s realm, my mood and outlook on life is greatly improved.  I feel truly inspired and ultimately relaxed.

In creating TV ArtScapes®, I wanted to bring that feeling of “being” inspired to every person, every day.


TV ArtScapes DVDS:

*Help with focus, inspiration, and sometimes just that white background noise to fill an office space.

*Help students increases their concentration.

*Behavior Health specialist's find that nature helps with relaxation and reducing stress levels.

*Watching also is a lot better than the usual faire we see on TV these days, or the disappointing sadness that comes

  with most newscasts and TV programming.


Dentists office find it calms their patients.  They use it in the exam rooms.

Spas use it for their lobbys and for an item in their Stores.

Doctors offices and hospital use it on their relaxation channels or in their lobbies to create a feeling of well being and calm.


Accompany your workout or yoga session with the sites and sounds of the ocean. Stretching to the relaxing sound of a waterfall or ocean waves and seeing and feeling their rhythm is truly a great focusing tool.”

 Save 20-25% with purchase of multiple titles!


All 8 (Eight) DVDs-$127.00 (Save $33)  Plus Free shipping in USA.

Over 15 hours of Nature with Music and Natural sounds

Includes new releases SnowScapes and CanyonScapes

Fireplace Video included




President of  Crystal Eyes Entertainment

Creator/producer of the TV ArtScapes®  DVD series Veronica Crystal Young has also had the privilege of being in the medical field for over 20 years.


"Nature and Beauty have always inspired me.

Being able to travel and visit amazing places and to bring that beauty and joy to others is really a passion. 

Thanks for stopping by, and remember........ At any age,

you are beautiful, wise and powerful. And youth is in your passions. Go and Get it!


Live and Love to the fullest everyday!"


Veronica Crystal Young




Gifts for the Goddess



Contact TV ArtScapes® or Crystal Eyes Entertainment
TV ArtScapes "...your personal window to the world" ®

is a product of Crystal Eyes Entertainment and Gifts for the Goddess.



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SeaScapesFlowerScapes | WaterScapes | ScubaScapes | HawaiiScapes | ForestScapes | SnowScapes | CanyonScapes


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